Saturday, July 24, 2010

~Unique stamped necklaces

For our bridesmaids' gifts, my newest sister-in-law gave us the coolest necklace. It's a silver chain with a pearl on one end and a jade charm on the other. To "fasten" the necklace, you loop one end around the other. Cool, right?! So.... of course I've wanted to make one since laying eyes on it! But I wanted to add a personal touch....

These are the tools I started with. (My sister, Cheree, is the designer for this one... it's for her!)

To make the dangly charms (for lack of a better word)....
On the small square, I punched their first initials and last initial. On the larger square, I punched the year they married.

I attached the dangly charm to the end of this cool charm we found at Walmart. I know! Walmart has some really pretty beads and charms... just FYI...
Here's the finished necklace! Want to see more of how to put it together? Take a look at this necklace....
I wanted to make a special birthstone necklace for my cousin Tracy. Her son, Carson, is being dedicated at church tomorrow and I thought this would be a sweet keepsake for her.

I started with a simple chain. Now... it was hard to find one long enough. Mostly, the chains in the jewelry section of the craft store are 18". Not long enough. Then I found a 60" chain at Hobby Lobby. This was plenty to make 2 necklaces.
Carson was born in April. I found these birthstone charms that were perfect. This is the beginning of the dangly charm.
Before I finished the charm, I pulled the stem through the end of the chain. Then I made the loop and twisted the remaining wire around the top of the jewel.

I punched the letters and numbers...
Carson's initial and birthdate. Go over the letters with a sharpie and wipe off quickly to achieve the black look in the stamps. Ok... dangly birthstone charm on one end... personalized charms on the other.... just loop one end
over the other

There you go! A unique, one-of-a-kind necklace! Oh... the possibilities....

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  1. These are very nice, I know they will love them. Great Job, thanks for the inspiration.



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