Saturday, March 20, 2010

~shutters revamped

A few weeks ago, our family went to a local antique mall. We love to go here because you just never know what you'll find! Which brings me to these babies... I saw them sitting in a corner. I swear they called to me...
This very sweet lady saw me carrying them around and said she would check on the price. She comes back to find me and says, "They are $5." I say, "Oh... $10 for 2 shutters. Not bad!" She says, "Oh no, $5 for both." I think I blacked out for a moment... then grabbed them and ran!
Now, I know this lacy background is a thing of beauty... but not what I was looking for! ;)
And had a broken off knob...
Hang with me! Focus on the potential!

I ripped off the lace and (finally!) got the old knobs and stub off. (They were painted over!)

I painted them with Rustoleum Heirloom White, distressed the edges with sandpaper, and brushed over them with a glaze.

At one point I thought about something like chicken wire here. But I just wasn't settled on that idea.
I really like twine... then this idea hit me. I want this to be some sort of message center/photo holder. So I attached the separate pieces of twine in each corner. Then I gathered them together and tied them in a knot. I continued this process just a couple of more times until hitting the bottom. I'm sure I should have measured and all that, but I'm more of an "eyeball it" kind of girl!
Now that I have both sides all "twined", I attached burlap to the back. (I used hot glue for the twine and the burlap.)

Here's one finished shutter. Isn't she pretty? I really liked it hanging this way, too. (I'm still working on the 2nd shutter. I was just anxious to get one completed.)

I picked this knob at Hobby Lobby (1/2 off!). It has a wrought iron feel to it.

Now I think I'll add some mini clothes pins. Any other ideas? I'm listening! :)


  1. that is really cute! I love how you added the jute/twine! I also love the knob you picked up for it.
    clothes pins... yeah, maybe mod podge some really cute ones! great idea.

  2. I found some old costume jewelry-type earrings at our local antique mall. I pulled the clips off the back (they were clip-ons)and used epoxy glue to attach them to thumb-tacks. They make a pretty alternative to regular tacks.

  3. Since it's going to be a message board, what if you put more knobs across the bottom, then they could be like hooks to hang things like keys? I love shutters!

  4. Wow what a great transformation!!

  5. I love what you have done with that shutter, so cute !

  6. Cute idea - and only $ for you..

  7. Neat, I love the fleur de lis knob and I think that vintage clothes pins will look great!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. Two thumbs up from me...SCORE!

  9. Great job with the re-do....and what a STEAL!!!! Happy Spring from Houston!

  10. Looking good...luv the mini clothes pins idea...I use them all the time and have so much FUN! Thanks for coming to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY:)


  11. delightful! you did a great job! I hopped over from Blue Cricket and am so happy that I did. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week when you get a moment. until later...

  12. Love what you have done with this - and I think "eye-balling" it makes it much more authentic!

    Now I just need to find an Antique Mall - we certainly don't have any here in N Ireland but it sounds heavenly!

  13. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing and Happy Friday!

  14. I love it - I think I love all things burlap and twine. I'd say on the bottom, where the knob is... place an assortment of different styles of knobs or hooks. Love the idea of using them for keys, etc. You could put the mini clothespins on the twine to hold cute photos. Thanks for linking up your cute project to the POPP.

  15. What a great idea. So clever. And I love the burlap and twine!

    Thanks for linking up to my project!


  16. I really like how that turned out. So many ways you can use them now.



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