Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~prayers for Tracy and Carson

Hey everyone! I want you to meet my cousin, Tracy (I call her Tracy Faye... She was named after my favorite person in the world, my Aunt Faye, who was taken to be with Jesus when I was 6 years old.)
If you have been lookin around my blog, you will see that a few of my projects lately have been centered on Tracy and sweet baby Carson. Click here to see his name blocks and here to see his first year block.

Here is Tracy with my sister, Cheree.
Here is Baby Carson's prayer from us. We wanted to have this framed for Tracy so that she could read this prayer on those hard days and long nights.
Carson has been prayed for since before he was born!
I had to add this picture of my precious mama (Mama Sue to everyone around!) serving our punches. (1-chocolate coffee punch ~ heavenly... 2-reindeer spritzer (a Christmas recipe) modified for our spring baby shower, thank you!)

That's me, my sister Wendi, Tracy, and Cheree. As you can see... our Tracy Faye has always been, and will forever be, very loved in our family.
Which leads me to my prayer request: Tracy is in the hospital tonight with dangerously high blood pressure. They have tried to lower it all day with little luck. Feeling that they can't wait because of Tracy's health, they are starting to prepare her body for induced labor, which should begin in the morning.
Carson will be around 6 weeks early. The doctors believe that his weight is around 5 lbs. Their main concern is our Tracy. I know that God is in total control... He will make this a blessing in His own way. But right now.... I just want peace for Tracy and Carson. Please pray for them tonight. And pray for Ryan, Tracy's husband. He is a wonderful husband who will be an equally wonderful daddy.
We love you so much, Tracy Faye!

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  1. Just stopping by to check in on Tracy - I hope she and baby are doing fine!



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