Sunday, April 25, 2010

~ wedding rehersal dinner made easy(er!)

My husband has a big family! And the last of his sibilings just got married this past weekend. We wanted their wedding to be extra special, so Tara and I tried to add special touches where we could. My sweet mother-in-law was in charge of the rehersal dinner, so we jumped in to help. To see more of what we did, check out Tara's blog, therapy4roses. We are trying to "tag-team" all of our projects between the two of us!

Aww... me & my husband! Tara and I found these notecards at Michael's. This part was in the center of the card. We cut away the outside border to use just this demask pattern.
We found some scrapbooking paper that was an exact match to the green they chose to use. I printed the names onto the paper using a regular ol' printer. We cut them into this cute shape and added distressing ink to the edges for a little extra something. :)

So... you know how kids can get easily bored, then start to act up? Maybe it's just mine... anyway, we thought we would take care of that before it even became a problem! These tins came from IKEA (I stinkin' love that store...). Again, I printed the names onto the cardstock, cut them out into a cute shape, and then Tara distressed the edges and attached them to the tin.
At each child's seat, we placed activity pads, pencils, and markers (all from The Dollar Tree). We covered their table with butcher paper, letting them draw right onto the "table" to add to the fun.
They also had personalized sports bottles. With 10 kids to a table, we knew there would be spills. So again, we thought we would be preemptive with these bottles.
For the girls, we also included a button making kit. For the boys, we had army men. Crafts and war... all at the same table! BUT we had entertained children during the nights festivities. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Love the cards and what I great idea for the kids' goodies!



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